Error code 491 downloading app

Error Code Fixer is a collection of troubleshooting guides with detailed descriptions on some of the most annoying and common store errors like: "Cant install app", "App could not be downloaded due to an error

Error code 491 on Google Play Store means, this is the error that occurs on the Google Play Store while Downloading and Installing apps and games from Google Play Store.

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The guide will show you What is the error 491, and how to fix error 491 while downloading Apps on your Android phone in five different ways. Notice: Remember to backup your desired files on Android device before resetting the phone or you will lose all the data and it will be hard to get them back. The solutions for the errors described below are based on the experiences of the AndroidPIT editors, as well as readers and moderators from the forum.If you encounter any other problems with In our situation, the problem was that the clock was on the wrong time. User had disabled automatic date and time, clock was at least several hours off, and this caused lots of 491 errors. There are many ways to Fix Google Play Error 491 in which one or more particular method can fix the error. So, go through all the Methods to Fix Error 491 Gutted to say you have just wasted an hour of my time repeatedly trying this “fix”. All your advice has done is wipe my daughters account that seems impossible to reinstate.

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10 Mar 2016 Open Settings; Go to Apps; Scroll down to Google Pay Services and open it sync, and you should be able to download whatever app was giving you error 491. Hey guys, If you get the message saying error 491 when using the Google Play IN DETAIL ---- what is generating the code and exactly what the code means Error 491 when downloading any app from Google Play Store. is the error 491, and how to fix error 491 while downloading Apps on your Android It can not only fix error 491, but also fix Google Play Error 505, Error Code  24 Jul 2017 Google Play error 491 makes it impossible for users to download, install, update apps for Android phone/tablet. Here are tricks to fix Google  21 Dec 2019 Part 3: Learn How To Fix Google Play Error Code 491 On Your check to see if you are able to install and/or download a game or application. 21 Apr 2019 Several users are getting the “Error code: 491” on their Google Play Store whenever they try to download or update an application. The ability 

8 Jun 2019 When an Error 491 is displayed on your Google Play Store, it basically means you cannot download/install an app. This is usually as a result of 

7 Jan 2014 "Unable to download application - Error 491". If you encounter the error 491, it probably means that your phone no longer recognize your  17 Feb 2017 I'm facing the same error code when I try to install/update some apps. I was able to observe the log and it turns out that google play app is trying  Still the same 491 error pops up for any app I try to download. services through play store I get error code 491 this being for all attempted update/downloads,  12 Jul 2018 Google play store 491 is one of the errors that is faced by the android users very frequently during downloading, updating and installing any apps. In this post, we'll see the different methods to fix Google Play Store error code 491 Hit Apps & notifications which you can find between Connected devices and  3 May 2019 Read More: How To Fix "App Couldn't be downloaded due to an Error 491" On Play 

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